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American Farmer: Randy Wheatley

A Deep Seeded Passion For Idaho Ranching


“Farming takes a lot of grit, hard work, and flat out determination that you are not going to get beat.”

As a college baseball player and 5th generation Idaho rancher, Randy brings a competitive spirit and deep roots in agriculture to his farm and ranch operation in southeast Idaho.


Despite the tough days, farmers show up ready to put in a full day’s work every day. This is a way of living that Randy and his family take to heart and embody. Randy’s son, Hatcher, was born with a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome and underwent four open-heart surgeries before the age of four. That period of time was life-altering for Randy’s family, but it taught them some invaluable life lessons including the true joy of being with the ones you love.


Randy currently works two full-time jobs to ensure that his family is taken care of and that they have access to good medical insurance. Randy’s wife, Britt, is a former “city slicker” who has embraced the rural life and fallen in love with the lifestyle and the hard work it has taught her children. Despite the hardships that the family has endured through Hatcher’s illness, Britt is grateful for the special moments they’ve had together while enjoying the land. This Idaho family has created a beautiful life full of hard work, faith, family, and fun.

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