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American Farmer: Richard Hudson

A Third-Generation Georgia Farmer and Dedicated Caregiver

Richard Hudson, a third generation Georgia farmer, is a full-time rancher and dedicated caregiver for his brother Keith. When Keith was diagnosed with autism during the 1970s, there were limited resources for families and children with autism. Most health facilities available to those families lacked advance treatment that is vital to supporting cognitive and behavioral development. Recognizing his capacity to care for his brother, Richard made the decision to have Keith live with him on the farm and to provide the care he needed.


Early on, Richard and his parents made a pact to always care for each other, and that he has. As the principal operator, the weight of the family farm falls on Richard’s shoulders. Though he wouldn’t trade the farm life, it has taken an incredible amount of strength to overcome the tougher seasons of farming all while supporting his family.


His commitment to his family’s land has always been at the forefront. Richard believes that anyone who is successful in business gets up every day and “goes at it” through the good times and the bad. Having a solid plan for your farm is just as important—it’s a roadmap that helps operators grow their revenue and build a farm business that can stand on its own. Getting there isn’t always a linear path and requires time, but according to Richard, “it is worth it, because land it the only thing in this world that endures.”

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