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Proud to be an AgAmerican

Honoring the Resilience of American Agriculture

Over the years, AgAmerica has had the privilege to capture the stories of family-owned farm operations across the country. To be an American in agriculture or an AgAmerican, means to understand, appreciate, and respect the essential nature of the American agriculture industry. Our farmers and ranchers are at the heart of AgAmerican pride. They are the unsung heroes of our nation, who shoulder the weight of risks daily for the benefit of the American people and teach us lessons in life that can be carried beyond the industry.


The Worsham family in Georgia taught us the meaning of grit and resilience as they awaited the impact of Hurricane Michael on their multi-generational pecan farm. The Bezner family in Texas taught us perseverance and dedication as they rose before the sun each day to feed their livestock. The Johnson family in California showed us the importance of being a good caretaker to your land and the responsibility that this title holds. The Floyd family in Georgia reminded us of the importance of family above all else while cherishing the time spent together around a fire after a long day’s work. The Wheatley family in Idaho gave us hope in the future of agriculture and shed light on the pivotal role American agriculture plays in supporting this nation.


These examples are but a glimpse into the values that embody what it means to be #AgAmericanProud. Without their hard work and commitment to the American people, the food security of our nation would be reliant on land beyond our borders, in turn, compromising the very freedom this country was founded on. In order to sustain this way of life, now is the time to unite with AgAmerican pride and show support for our nation’s farmers and ranchers. Together, we are #AgAmericanProud.

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