The Sandy Country: A Texas Farmer’s Legacy

Throughout the year, farmers and ranchers face countless obstacles that are often beyond their control. These challenges range from weather disturbances and commodity pricing to regulatory obligations—all having a direct impact on the livelihood of their farm operations. Lanny, a Texas Farmer, sums up this volatility as “riding the waves of farming”. Lanny believes that you must ride the waves and do the best you can with the farmland and resources you’ve been given.

Meet a Multi-Generational Farming Operation in Northwest Texas

“A Texas Farmer’s Legacy” is the first video of our new series: The Sandy Country—a set of stories about a multi-generational family farm operation, 3B Farms. Like the Farming for Generations series, we share the heartwarming story of Texas farmers Lanny and Rita Bezner and the resilience they’ve demonstrated while building their 16,000+ acre operation over the course of 45 years.

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