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The American Farmer

Farming is an honorable and profound way of life.

The average American doesn’t spend much time thinking about where their food comes from or the hands that worked tirelessly to get it there. In this series, The American Farmer, we hope to share some of these farm stories with you. Whether you are a farmer or rancher, or you just like to eat, we hope these stories of American farmers and families bring to light the hardworking farmers who put food on our tables.


Forty-four percent of the time the farmer makes less than they did the year before. Farmers deal with volatile commodity prices, weather events, trade wars, labor shortages, and many other factors that are outside of their control. Through the good years and bad, American farmers and ranchers press on to provide food and fiber for American consumers. The life of the American Farmer is far from easy, but as many farmers agree, it’s a way of life they wouldn’t trade for anything.

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