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The Lay of the Land


Brain Philpot, President and CEO of AgAmerica Lending, thinks back to a quote from John Steinbeck that he believes demonstrates what the land really means to American farmers, ranchers, and landowners.


“Funny thing how it is. If a man owns a little property, that property is him, it’s part of him, and it’s like him. If he owns property only so he can walk on it and handle it and be sad when it isn’t doing well, and feel fine when the rain falls on it, that property is him. In some way he’s bigger because he owns it. Even if he isn’t successful, he’s big with his property. That is so.” The Grapes of Wrath


We understand that owning agricultural real estate isn’t just an investment, it’s a way of life. It’s reaching down to grab the soil, feeling it fall through your fingers as you dream about the crops it’ll produce next season. It’s the way the grass crunches under your boots as you look out at the horizon, nodding in satisfaction as you watch your herd graze under the sun. There’s a real emotional tie to the land and at AgAmerica we share that passion for and love of the land.


And we also understand that while some years may be good, there are going to be bad years. As your partner in this volatile business, it’s our mission to provide a financial structure that allows the American farmer to thrive in good times and to sleep well during tough times. Our team of farmland lenders are experts in agricultural real estate; it’s our singular focus. When it’s time to expand your operation or make improvements to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build, we’re here to counsel and work with you to create custom farm loan packages that meet your operation’s unique needs and goals.

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