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The Sandy Country: Life of a Cattle Rancher


A Cattle Rancher’s Commitment To The Farm That Raised Him

For John Bezner, cattle ranching is more than just a way of life. It’s about farming for the future and creating something that is bigger than his own life. Growing up on his family’s 16,000-acre farmland, John was out in the fields and working by a young age. At age 12 he was driving tractors around the farm and plowing fields. It could easily be said that Lanny, John’s father and founder of 3B Farms, planted that first seed of passion for farming in John’s heart, but the truth is John had no choice. As he explained it, kids from the country are known for their remarkable work ethic. Unlike other children, they couldn’t call it quits at the end of the day until the cattle were fed, the crops watered, and all their farm chores were finished—in John’s words, “it had to be done”.

Working across all divisions of the farm and helping with the expanding family business, he quickly learned that being outdoors and around the livestock was what brought him the most joy. That joy eventually transformed into a true passion for raising livestock.

In the second video of The Sandy Country series, John explains why our nation’s cattle ranchers share a vested interest in the cattle they raise and how U.S. consumers influence the decisions he makes when caring for his cattle.

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