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The Sandy Country: Three Generations of Farmers

The Land That Ties Family Farms Together

Being raised on a family farm teaches you the greatest life lessons, such as humility, gratitude, and most of all commitment to the land you love and the people who depend on it. Brian Bezner, son of 3B Farms’ owners Lanny and Rita Bezner, shares with us the profound impact agriculture has had on his own life and each of his family members, including his children who are part of the third generation of farmers.


Hard Work Fueled The Growth Of This Texas Family Farm

“It’s a part of me, and I’m a part of it. That’s the way I feel about the land. I can’t say it any other way. I care about what we do to the land, and I appreciate what the land gives back to us,” explained Brian. Working alongside his father for the past 45 years, Brian has been a major part of 3B Farms rapid growth—making sacrifices and putting in the extra hours with his siblings to achieve their dreams for the farm operation. As Brian’s son William says, “All of our farmland, it ties us all together and it shows just how many years it took us to get to where we are now. How much hard work it took”.


Each member of the Bezner family serves a vital role within the operation. Brian believes 3B Farms’ growth has been fueled by their commitment to pushing through the obstacles of farming and challenging their capacity to service the land. Scaling the farm to today’s 16,000-acre operation, required reinvesting with the farm’s equity to purchase additional parcels of land and more advance equipment and technology to reduce the need for supplemental labor and to allow them to manage larger plots of land. Adding precision technologies afforded them new opportunities and allowed them to continue expanding even during some of the tougher seasons.


For each of the Bezners, the family farm is more than a business, it’s deeply rooted within them and holds their history as a family. Brian’s greatest wish for the Texas farm is that it will continue to be a significant part of his children’s life and future generations of the Bezner family.

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