United We Stand

Standing Together as a United Nation

“We now realize as we have ever realized before, our interdependence on each other.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

How AgAmerica is Empowering Farmers and Ranchers Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a nation, we are currently facing an unprecedented time in history that is impacting our daily lives. The novel coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, has placed a significant strain on local communities and the global economy as a whole. Although we face many uncertainties in the months that lie ahead, one certainty is the critical role farmers and ranchers play in maintaining food security for our nation.

With the planting season fast approaching, farmers are under pressure to keep up with demand despite the potential risk of illness and loss of farm labor. Nevertheless, the American Farmer embodies the values of perseverance and innovative thinking. We have no doubt that as we navigate these new obstacles together, it will prove no different.

Thanks to progressive technology and innovative solutions, our team is well-positioned to continue business operations throughout the duration of this pandemic. We will continually analyze the impact it will have on the agricultural industry and do our part in helping our nation’s food producers rebound from this health and economic crisis.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have been affected by this virus and are thankful for the Americans that continue to sacrifice their own comforts, to ensure the health, safety, and food supply of our great nation.

When we focus on what we can do as individuals to help one another during a crisis, we have the potential to come out stronger together as a nation than we were before. United we stand or separate we will fall.

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