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We are the Land Lenders

For many of our employees, our beginnings are much like yours. Take AgAmerica’s President and CEO, Brian Philpot, for example. A sixth generation Floridian with roots in timber and ag tracts, Brian was an agricultural real estate borrower himself, dealing with a large ag lending corporation. Through the love of the land and the people in the industry, he saw an opportunity to create a new way of approaching agricultural real estate and a new way of ag lending that could be centered around the relationship with the farmer and offering a spectrum of sophisticated products that could work with the farmer through good times and tough times.


AgAmerica Lending’s mission statement begins with “To know the farmer. To counsel the farmer.” By focusing solely on agricultural real estate, we’re creating a common mission for our people as well as the farmer. Our team has become experts in land and ag lending so we can better tailor a financial structure for your operation today and for the long-term. We understand that when over 97% of farms in America are family-owned, we’re working with multi-generational farms and families whose goal might be to keep their land in their family for generations into the future. It’s not just an investment or a job – it’s a way of life.

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