Weather is an important consideration for ag producers in any state. Thankfully, forecasts have only gotten better, allowing farmers and ranchers to better plan for the future. While forecasts aren’t infallible, they are a useful tool. Read on for some of the latest news and climate-related stories that impact America’s ag producers.

El Nino to Make for a Wet and Warm Winter

While the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a severe winter, scientists and forecasters have been saying we are in store for the opposite, due to El Nino weather patterns. Most parts of the country will see either wetter or warmer weather, or both, such as wetter conditions for the southern east and west and warmer temperatures for the northeast and northwest. Some areas are slated for drier or cooler temperatures, such as cooler temperatures for Texas and the extreme southern US. Find out more here.

Drought Improvement Forecast for the West

The west has been languishing under a severe drought for many years, but the end may be in sight. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) maintains that drought improvement has already been seen across the Central and Southern Plains; the CPC predicts the area could be drought-free in spring. In California, the CPC predicts drought conditions could be over by March 2016, though some impacts—such as lake reservoir levels—could take longer to recover. Read more here.

Warm, Stormy Weather Likely to Persist

The country has El Nino to thank for the warm weather and drought-ending rain. While those in the Midwest have enjoyed the rain for ending fall droughts, forecasts maintain the wet and stormy weather will likely persist. Eventually, it may be too much of a good thing. Read more here.

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