It’s always good to see farmers who discover new ways to make an operation profitable. Oscar and Melinda Vizcarra of Becker Farms have one of those stories. According to this article, they also have a great slogan: “Get big or get out.”

How that translates for the Buffalo farmers was turning a farm that had nothing but a few cherry trees into an operation that draws millions of people a year. They did it by holding weddings on their property. They opened a winery and a brewery. And they added a you-pick-it apple vineyard.

Such additions to a farm would have been unheard of 40 years ago, and maybe even just two decades ago. Luckily people seem to have a new-found respect for farming, and that means farms have the new-found ability to be something of a tourist draw. Suddenly that unused piece of the back 40 could become a pick-your-own strawberry patch, or that old apple grove could become the path for hay rides.

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In that article, Oscar Vizcarra said his secret is listening to customers, sometimes walking among them without saying he owns the place. He said: “Nobody knows who the owner is. I wear my jeans. I do my homework. I’m sensitive to what people want.”