Get a sneak peek at the 31st Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo, attended by vegetable growers of the NCVGA and, for the first time, AgAmerica’s own Mac Miller.

Vegetable growers from the North Carolina Vegetable Growers’ Association (NCVGA) will be converging on Myrtle Beach, this November 28th through the 30th, to attend the 31st Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo. AgAmerica’s SVP/ Co-Owner, Mac Miller, will be at the expo with Correspondent Lender Cameron Flowers for the first time. Get an idea of all the valuable information for vegetable growers that will be cropping up at this year’s expo.

Ag America Meeting Vegetable Growers

Such shows and expos are a great setting for AgAmerica Lending team members to meet the men and women of the ag industry. “Whether they’re operators of large farms or smaller family-run operations, I really enjoy meeting growers face-to-face at trade shows and ag expos,” Mac Miller says.

There are additional benefits that go beyond introductions, according to Miller. “I’m not just there to promote AgAmerica, I’m there to listen and learn from the locals. It’s a chance to bring back some of the North and South Carolina grower insights to the main office back in Lakeland, Florida,” he shares.

“What fruit and vegetable crops have been most successful this year? How have the recent floods affected their yields? What financial challenges are putting the most pressure on farm operators in the Carolinas? The answers to each of these questions will help AgAmerica’s lending team plan for 2017 and beyond,” Miller explains.

Such events also give vegetable growers and others in agriculture the chance to learn how AgAmerica Lending stands out from the usual crowd of ag lenders. “AgAmerica is still relatively new to the ag lending scene, and some of the growers we’ll meet at this show may be unfamiliar with our modern approach to land lending,” Miller says. “It’s an opportunity to introduce them to our brand and products in a casual, low pressure environment. Often times, the growers ask really interesting questions about ag finance, and I always try to answer them as honestly and candidly as possible.”

Topics for Vegetable Growers

The expo is also a perfect time for North Carolina’s vegetable growers to learn, discuss policy and network with fellow growers. The event will feature exhibitors, a trade show, educational sessions, fun events like an auction and a golf tournament.

Highlights that vegetable growers should look for include:

  • Keynote Address by Heather Dinon Aldridge, Applied Climatologist, State Climate Office of NC, NCSU, Raleigh, NC: Climate Impacts on Fruit and Vegetable Production.
  • Preparing For Food Safety Modernization Act on Your Farm. Diane Ducharme & Elena Toro, NC State University
  • Hot Topics In Pest Management. Jonathan Schultheis, NCSU
  • Produce Safety (FSMA) In the Pre/Post Havest Environment. Eduardo Gutierrez and ASA’s for Food Safety, NCSU
  • Weed Management Innovations. Katie Jennings, NC State University

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