SOUTHERN PLAINSCroplands are historically stable here and a strong commodity market is strengthening land value even more.  STRENGTHS
Landowners experience lower return rates and run the risk of crop damage due to increasing extreme weather fluctuation events.  CHALLENGES
WESTA diverse selection of crops makes West region farmland adaptable and resilient, with the highest rate of total agricultural output after the Midwest.  STRENGTHS
The ‘megadrought’ currently happening here makes water rights regulations and risk of wildfire important factors to consider when assessing value.  CHALLENGES
MIDWESTStrong commodity pricings, low interest rates, and rising cash rents are leading to more revenue for those who own Midwest farmlands.  STRENGTHS
Increasing input costs are a growing concern among Midwest farmers along with adverse weather events that threaten production and profitability of land.  CHALLENGES
DELTACash rents and cropland value correlation remain high year after year, indicating historically steady appreciation rates resilient to unpredictability. STRENGTHS
Adverse weather makes crop insurance essential in this region and rising input costs threaten to add pressure to the historic stability of farm profits.  CHALLENGES
SOUTHEASTLandowners in states with high cash rent and cropland value correlation, such as North Carolina and Alabama, will likely experience strong appreciation as cash rents are on the rise.  STRENGTHS
States with low cash rent correlation, such as Georgia and West Virginia, indicate competing land use which can strain the value of cropland as factors outside of agriculture are at play.  CHALLENGES
NORTHEASTNortheast states with the highest ag output, such as Pennsylvania and New York, experienced the healthiest appreciation rates.  STRENGTHS
Capitalized value is historically lower than Treasury bond rates here, as competing land use is a larger contributor to high cropland values over cash rents. CHALLENGES
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