Learn how this existing client used the AgAmerica Pivot™ program to buy out a minority equity partner and own 100% of his vertically integrated operation. 

Agriculture is a relationship-driven industry—and AgAmerica was founded with the understanding that farm finance should follow suit. Our adaptive financing solutions allow us to grow alongside our clients’ journey so we can help them reach both their short and long-term goals.  

The Challenge  

Initially finding AgAmerica in 2019, a hardworking Southeast farmer leveraged our spectrum of flexible financing programs to refinance from his former lender, who was inhibiting the growth potential of his business. The first-generation farmer used a combination of AgAmerica’s interest-only and conventional financing to both scale his farming operation and vertically integrate the business into value-added packing and processing business lines. This growth over the last several years was alongside a minority equity partner who had a small stake in the operation. While necessary during that period of growth, the farmer was finally ready to take back full ownership of his farm and hoped to simplify his current loan structure in the process. 

The Solution 

AgAmerica’s team had worked closely with this borrower over the years and was quick to help him take the next step in securing full ownership of his operation. We developed a $43MM two-part loan package that allowed him to refinance his existing debt and provided equity cash out so he could buy out the remaining stake of his partner. Through this debt restructuring, the farmer gained the freedom to have complete control of the future operation with a trusted lender committed to his success by his side.