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Your Farm Succession Roadmap

Over the last decade, U.S. farm real estate values have increased nearly 40 percent.

With 34 percent of farmers over the age of 64 and just eight percent under 35, the number of retiring farmers currently outweighs the number of farmers filling their shoes. Which is why having a strong farm succession plan in place is more important now than ever before.

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Farmers are over 64
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Succession Roadmap

Do you have a farm succession plan? Only 23% of family farms do.

If your answer is no, we’re here to help. We know all too well how daunting farm succession planning can be. Legalese, tax burdens, and family dynamics can make it easy to put planning for succession on the back burner. That’s why we’ve worked with leading experts in the estate planning sector to create a comprehensive guide to help you build your own farm succession plan.

Download AgAmerica’s Farm Succession Roadmap to unlock helpful checklists, cautionary tales, tax reduction strategies, and more.

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What's inside the report
Protect Your Family and Take Control of Your Financial Future

We'll help answer your most pressing questions, from one generation to the next.

How early should I start thinking about a farm succession plan?

What steps does it involve?

What documents will I need to prepare?

What taxes do I need to consider?

How do I start the conversation with my family?

What are the risks of moving forward without a plan?

"When working with your family, communication is even more important. Take notes at family meetings, so you ensure everyone is on the same page. Death and finances are taboo topics, but having that communication with your family, whether they are farming or not, is very important."

Kitt Tovar Jensen

Manager, Beginning Farmer Center at Iowa State University
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