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As the leading agricultural mortgage REIT in the U.S., partnering with us means access to innovative farmland financing solutions for your client's unique needs.

Who We Serve

Partner with the Experts in Farmland Financing

At AgAmerica, we specialize in providing sophisticated financing solutions for farmers across all stages of their operation. Our comprehensive financial platform offers expert farm advisory services and competitive loan products that bring flexible financing to the hands of farmers.

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Recreational &
Ag Landowners

If you have a client who is considering investing in recreational or ag farmland, we can help by tailoring a financing program to meet their long-term goals.

Timber Land Investors

From purchasing standing timber to harvesting, processing, and reforestation, we provide fast-track funding for timberland purchases and forest land expansions.

Multigenerational farm operations

Transferring the family business to the next generation is not always a straightforward process. With us, you get a hands-on team that will help your client navigate their financing options to create a an effective succession plan.

Commercial Agribusinesses

Large-scale agribusinesses need adaptable financing with unrestricted capital access. Our financial products support stability and growth across diverse agricultural sectors and verticals.

Benefits of Ag Financing Partnership

Why Partner with AgAmerica

Our innovative partnership program allows us to cultivate a wide variety of reciprocal relationships, all while helping American agriculture thrive. Here are just a few reasons to partner with AgAmerica.

Fast & Flexible Financing
Our platform offers diverse financing for agribusinesses—providing clients with access to essential capital while ensuring long-term profitability and growth.
Focused & Experienced
We're dedicated to client success at every stage, with a strong focus on financial resilience, risk mitigation, and legacy preservation.
Personalized Approach
Our dedicated financing experts invest time in learning about clients' specific needs to tailor solutions that adapt alongside their operations.
Referral Partner Program

How to Get Started

AgAmerica works with a diverse network of industry partners who benefit from attractive referral opportunities. Learn more about our unique rural land financing and advisory services by downloading our information sheet.

Together we achieve more.

Experience a partnership that delivers. Speak to our Partner Relations team today to learn how we can help your clients reach their financial goals.

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