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AgAmerica Pivot Program

Using your land as collateral, learn how interest-only farm loans can help you reduce loan payments and conserve working capital.


Lower Payments and Increase Cash Flow with Interest-Only Farm Loans

Similar to an irrigation pivot that helps your crops grow throughout the seasons—the AgAmerica Pivot program is designed to evolve with you through any season in your life. With interest-only payments and accelerated approval options, it gives farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners flexibility in a high-interest-rate environment and stability in the face of economic variability.

The Benefits

The Benefits of AgAmerica’s Interest-Only Farm Loans

  • Lower farm loan payments
  • Fixed and variable rate options
  • Freedom to choose when to pay down your principal
  • Ability to transition to a conventional loan structure when the time is right
  • Accelerated approval options
  • Provides immediate cash flow for operational growth
  • Leverages land equity and collateral to provide flexible financing structures

Advantages of Making Interest-Only Payments on a Farm Loan

Free Up Cash Flow
Fight rising operating costs by cutting your monthly payments and improving your liquidity.
Invest in Upgrades
Improve your efficiency and productivity with strategic operational enhancements.
Scale Your Operation
While others pull back in a downturned market, take a different path, and build stability by investing in farmland.

Calculate Your Savings

See for yourself how an interest-only loan can benefit you.
Your Results*

$36,241 annual cash flow savings

Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment
15-year Amortized
Ready to get started?
*Actual loan payments and terms depicted by AgAmerica Pivot™ Loan Calculator are estimates only and may vary depending on the interest rate, closing date, and other factors.


Interest-Only Farm Loan Questions

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