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At AgAmerica, we’re changing the way today’s farmers, ranchers, and landowners finance their dreams with our spectrum of land loan programs. We work directly with farmers across the U.S. to reduce their ag loan payments, finance new operations, purchase land, consolidate and refinance farm debts, upgrade farm equipment, and increase working capital.

Our team of experienced ag lenders build custom loan packages based on the unique properties of your operation and farmland to match you with a loan solution that supports your long-term success. As part of our land loan spectrum we offer alternative lending solutions to help you through the harder farming seasons while you work towards a stronger financial future. Explore our land loan programs to learn how we can help you meet your operational goals.

Agricultural Farm, Ranch, & Timber Land Loans

When it’s time to finance your timberland, cattle ranch, or farm, AgAmerica Lending offers this type of agricultural land loan.

Recreational & Large Tract Land Loans

Ready to invest in a hunting, fishing, or wildlife property? Have your eyes on a large tract of raw, conservation or recreational land? AgAmerica Lending can help.

Short-Term Bridge Land Loans

Need a short-term loan to bridge the gap during a time of financial hardship? These asset-based loans are a great source of fast, flexible funding.

Rural Infrastructure Loans

AgAmerica Lending is supporting solar farms, wind farms, cell towers, and broadcast towers in rural areas because they ultimately help our client, the American farmer.

10-Year Line of Credit

Challenging the status quo, AgAmerica qualifies you once and sets you up with an interest-only line of credit good for a full decade. No bull.

“The people at AgAmerica Lending enhance the process by keeping it simple and quick. Interaction and communication are the right buttons to push when dealing with your financial needs from a lending institution. Thanks for the support!” – Cliff K


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