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Agricultural Economics

Keep a pulse on what’s happening in the world of ag economics right now based on analytic insights from AgAmerica’s economic research team.

Economic Insights
Quarterly Economic Update

Economic growth is expected to slow down over the next two years, with consumer spending likely to decrease as pent-up demand wanes and household debt remains high. Net farm income is forecasted to decline substantially in 2024 due to lower cash receipts, with some commodities impacted more than others. For example, competition from abroad is contributing to decreased crop prices, particularly for corn, wheat, and soybeans. Cattle prices, on the other hand, are expected to remain strong. If you’re anticipating a drop in income this year, we can help. Read our annual economic outlook report to gain access to proactive strategies you can take now to protect your working capital and operation.  

Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Exports by Region
Ag Export Outlook by Region
Projected net farm income in 2024.
Estimated total of U.S. ag export trade for 2024.
Predicted decline in net farm income from 2023 to 2024.
Economic Insights
Commodities Market Center

View real-time agricultural commodity prices with just a click of a button.

Economic Insights
Agricultural Resource Management Survey
Explore the USDA's estimated land value in your region.
The data does not represent minute to date metrics. Source: USDA ARMS

Land Value in

per acre

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