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Dive deeper into agricultural economics, legislation, and trends with our digital library of farm journals.

12 Common Documents

If you’re wondering what type of documentation is required for a land loan, we’ve created a detailed guide to help explain the reasons why we ask for specific financial documentation and how each piece of information is used by our team to build

2021 Cropland Investment Report

Forty years ago, the gap between average cropland values and capitalized value widened drastically. High interest rates and shrinking net farm income led to a marked decline in capitalized value. Fortunately, over the next several decades, the gap na

Accelerate Program: Accessing Working Capital

AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program is a data-driven product with an average 48-hour approval window. Through this program, AgAmerica is able to minimize the number of documents required for the underwriting process, which expedites loan approval a

Crop Diversification

Finding the right crop mix for your farm operation is essentially one of the most challenging decisions that you will face. There are many factors that influence farmers’ crop selections, including seed pricing, market demand, soil conditions, and

Decision-Making Success

The agriculture industry has witnessed some of the greatest changes over the last decade. Unlike most industries, advancements in technology, changes in climate, and governmental regulations have an immediate and substantial impact on the success of

Delta Agriculture: 2021 Data and Trends Report

Comprised of three states with over 32 million acres of farmland, the Delta region of the U.S. collectively contributes nearly $34 billion to the nation's agricultural output each year.      The Delta region is home to rich fami

Families and Their Farms

When a family’s financial well-being is tied so closely to the farm, one of the most important questions that farm operators must ask is, who will run the farm in the future and how will that next generation pay for the farm?   To provide va

Farm Labor Shortage

For the average farmer, their workday starts before dawn and continues well past dusk. Although advancements in agritech have helped reduce some of the physical demand of farming over the last decade, farm operators continue to rely heavily on hired

Five Factors Impacting Farm Finances in 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on U.S. agriculture has varied by sector but has been felt universally. Learn more about the major factors that will influence farm finances this year and how American farmers and ranchers are adapting to the ever-changing agri

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Finding the right financial lender is extremely important for us, and AgAmerica has an experienced team that truly understands agricultural financing. They take a customer-first approach and customize loan programs based on your individual needs.


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