Why should farmers and ranchers have to file new paperwork each year or pay their line down to zero and let it rest to fulfill the typical agricultural credit line requirements? AgAmerica Lending will qualify you once and set you up for the next decade, freeing you up to focus on working the land you love.

Top 10 reasons you should apply for our unique Farm Land 10-year line of credit

AgAmerica’s revolutionary 10-year line of credit really stands out in an industry where annual paperwork renewals, prepayment penalties, and mandatory rest periods are the norm. It’s our team’s modern, common sense approach to lending that inspired this revolving credit line. Learn the top 10 reasons why you should make the switch.

Agribusiness no pay downs or rest periods

01. No Mandatory Pay-Downs or Rest Periods

Run your agribusiness however is best for you, not when your lender mandates you pay-down your line of credit.

no annual renewal paperwork

02. No Mandatory annual renewal paperwork

Qualify once and you’re set for ten years. Instead of gathering yearly paperwork, you’re free to focus on working the land.

farming business funds

03. Use funds for any business purpose

You – not your lender – decide how to use your money. Use your funds for any business purpose you deem necessary.

interest only payments for ag land

04. Interest-Only Payments

04. Our 10-year line of credit offers interest-only payments and 25-year amortizations to lower your payments.

agribusiness cash draws

05. Unlimited
Cash Draws

We don’t limit your cash draws. You can get the money you need, as often as your agribusiness needs it.

quick cash draws for farmers

06. Quick access
to cash

Cash draws arrive
in a timely manner.


prepayment penalities

07. No Prepayment Penalties

We don’t believe any borrower  should be penalized for paying a loan off early.

custom land loan packages

08. Make it
a two-pack

We’ll customize a loan package to suit your needs, combining our 10-year line of credit with a term loan for a low, blended rate.

flexible term loans

09. Option to convert to a term loan

We’re all about flexibility and customization, and we’re proud to offer financing to fit your needs.

AgAmerica teamwork

10. one dedicated team to work with

Over the lifetime of our 10-year line of credit, you’ll only need to work with one team. We’re here from start to finish.


Ready to make the first move to a stronger financial future? We need just the basics from you to get the conversation started. Answer 4 verification questions and you’ll be on your way.

  • “Thanks to a loan approval process that went smoothly from start to finish, we were able to buy our dream home in just a month and a half. The term loan we received combined with a 10-year line of credit was unique to AgAmerica – not offered by other lenders we spoke with. But, the greatest aspect of this loan package is not having to refinance for 25 years.”

  • “All of the AgAmerica staff involved, from the loan origination team to the closing team, had one thing in mind: ensuring I was pleased and that the process was stress-free for me. I have drawn from the line of credit and the funds arrived timely and without a glitch. AgAmerica does a great job procuring the loan and servicing it after the closing.”

  • “I’m very satisfied with AgAmerica’s 10-year interest-only line of credit. It works like they say it works. It’s easy to access the funds, the money arrives very quickly to my account, and at a very reasonable rate. This year, I’ve been using the line to buy cattle for my operation. And with no annual paperwork renewals, and no prepayment penalties – I’m sure I will appreciate it even more in years to come.”

  • “I buy and sell land and timber in Georgia and Alabama. I had been dealing with a local bank on my line of credit, but with higher interest rates and aggravation. With AgAmerica’s 10-year line, I enjoy a lower rate and the convenience of not having to submit paperwork every year.”