Industry reporters, editors, and bloggers are taking note.

Florida Grower – December 2016

“If you’re considering buying land with an ag land loan, looking into the land’s soil type is an important step in determining the worth of the property.”

– How Soil Type Affects Land Values

Terra Firma – Summer 2016

“The challenges facing agriculture can be seen in growers’ approach to the crops they grow.”

– Crop Diversification: Finding the right mix for your farm

Mortgage Professional America – June 2016

“Like most family-owned and operated businesses, one challenge often faced is the issue of succession.”

– Helping Landowners Plan for the Future

World Ag Network – January 2016

“We’ve identified four key trends having an impact on the agricultural industry, and how smart lenders can best respond.”

– Trends in Land Lending

Fresh from Florida – September 2015

“AgAmerica’s innovative approach to land lending is helping the next generation of American farms grow.”

– Fresh from Florida

Scotsman Guide – July 2015

“Tap into our team’s vast experience with agricultural, vacant, and raw development land

– The Nation’s Premier Land Lender

– 3 Lending Programs + 1 Customized Approach

Business Observer – May 8, 2015

“We’re focused on growth, and we want to be the best and the fastest-growing land lender in the U.S.

– Loan Harvesters

Lakeland Ledger – March 13, 2015

“The whole purpose behind this thing is for kids who don’t have the money to buy and own cattle will now have the opportunity to raise and show these animals.

– Ahead on Cattle: Donation of 65 Zebus Helps Youth Program

Scotsman Guide – April 2014

“These guys understand vacant and Ag land

– Meet the Land Lenders

Central Florida Ag News – May 2013

“While we lend all over the U.S., we are especially excited to help neighbors in Central Florida get lending they need to grow their businesses.”

– Bankers South is the New AG Lender in Town

“We may be the new Ag lender in town, but our clients are already sharing about the ways we have saved them money on their investment projects.

– Helping Farmers and Ranchers Keep their Agribusiness Growing

Florida Trend – October 2012

“Amid the financial meltdown, Brian Philpot and Rob Harper have turned profits from a real estate firm into a lending source, helping borrowers who can’t get conventional loans.”

– Home Grown Lenders


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