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February 2, 2023

Agricultural Investments: A Discussion with the Founders of Capital Allocators and AgAmerica

Investing in agriculture is gaining popularity, but the financing available hasn’t kept pace.

With a third of the volatility of commercial real estate, agricultural investments offer a diverse asset with historic resilience to market disruption.

Unfortunately, many agriculture investment banking options for landowners have regional and commodity limitations. When a financial institution is restricted to a specific location or commodity, it creates elevated risk for their balance sheet and results in excessive red tape for the borrower.

Filling the Gaps in Farmland Investments

AgAmerica’s CEO Brian Philpot experienced this challenge firsthand when he dove into timberland investments over 30 years ago. After building a strong agricultural land portfolio, Brian recognized that the industry needed to adapt to an evolving market. And so, the idea of AgAmerica was born.

As a nationwide land lender, AgAmerica’s portfolio is well diversified to withstand both commodity and geographical risk. Our capacity as the only agricultural mortgage REIT in the U.S. offers our clients more choices and greater flexibility. By providing both alternative and conventional agricultural financing options, AgAmerica is filling the gaps in an outdated financial system and making farmland investments a more attainable and secure asset to own.

This disruptive style of agricultural finance caught the attention of award-winning Capital Allocators podcast host and founder Ted Seides. In a recent podcast episode, Brian and Ted cover agricultural financing and investing, including:

  • The limitations and drawbacks of traditional agricultural financing;
  • How economic events like the Great Recession affected the agriculture investment banking sector;
  • How current industry trends are shaping the outlook for U.S. agriculture and the land market; and
  • Biggest risks facing agriculture land investors and how to manage it.

Tune into the full discussion below to learn more about what you need to know when it comes to agricultural investment opportunities.

Learn more about AgAmerica’s agricultural investment opportunities and the benefits of investing in farmland through economic volatility.

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