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The AgAmerican

The AgAmerican® AgAmbassador program consists of a network of passionate individuals and brands that help to promote AgAmerica as the premier land lender in the United States financing the future of American agriculture. Learn more about joining the program and helping keep land in the hands of farmers.


“An AgAmerican is someone who believes in the future of American agriculture and who knows the importance of where their food comes from. To be an AgAmerican means to be committed to using your specialty and platform to support the American farmer.”

Pat Spinosa

Managing Director of Business Development

Our AgAmerican® Network

Who We've Worked With

The AgAmerican® Program bridges rural communities to brands and agvocates to provide resources and opportunities that help American farmers secure financing and celebrates the impact they make in America. At AgAmerica, we’re using our platform and our AgAmerican network to bring financial optionality to farmers and shine a light on the families who put food on our plates.

AgAmerica Documentaries
AgAmerica Partnership
Agriculture advocacy
Ways to Partner

Do you have a unique experience in agriculture or farming that you'd like to share? Tell your story through a documentary with AgAmerica and showcase the challenges and rewards of farming.

Ways to Partner

Across the nation, we’re building reciprocal relationships with advocates to provide flexible and customizable financing to farmers, ranchers, and landowners. Partner with us and become an AgAmerican that’s helping finance the future of American farm families across the nation.

Ways to Partner
Public Relations

As an industry expert, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact by contributing thought leadership and helping to shape the future of American agriculture. Become a voice for ag and help us drive effective conversation.

Join Our Network of AgAmericans

Discover how you can become part of AgAmerica’s AgAmbassador program and explore partnership opportunities by contacting us today.