AgAmerica helps California growers bring more produce to our tables.

A large, multi-generation operation in California dedicates all of their farm acreage to getting U.S.-grown Hass Avocados to our tables. After years of successful seasons, they were ready to expand their operation and needed the right agricultural financing.

The Challenge:

California has a unique climate that supports the growth of over 400 commodities and when you find the right niche for your operation, you go all-in. That’s what these growers plan to do with Hass Avocados, they just needed the operating capital to help finance the conversion of their under-utilized acreage for avocado production.

The Lending Solution:

When these growers came to AgAmerica looking for a refinance that would allow them to expand their avocado operations, the AgAmerica credit team turned to our spectrum of financial solutions.

We customized a $9 million “two-pack” loan solution, combining a term loan with our industry-unique line of credit. The operating credit line gave them the financing necessary to focus on converting more land into avocado acreage, without the hassle of standard annual paperwork or renewals.

The Result:

With their passion and enthusiasm for the future of agriculture in California and long-term financing from AgAmerica, these growers will be bringing us delicious, U.S.-grown Hass Avocados for years to come.