In light of a softening market, farmers need flexible financing options to continue to grow and innovate. 

For many farms, high input costs and interest rates are stifling growth, and rigid lending requirements are making it increasingly difficult for them to secure the financing they require to evolve. Learn how farmers are leveraging AgAmerica’s flexible loan solutions to build more financially resilient operations. 

The Challenge 

A blueberry farmer wanted to restructure his debt to an interest-only loan in order to free up additional capital that would allow him to take full advantage of a new partnership and continue to grow his business. The partnership would allow him to focus on improving operations and revenue, but he needed a flexible financing solution to ensure a smooth transition into the new partnership. 

The Solution 

The farmer approached AgAmerica hoping to find a solution. We were able to restructure the farmer’s existing debt with a $10MM interest-only refinance. This gave the farmer access to the capital he needed as well as a five-year interest-only term that would free additional capital to invest in his operation and partnership.