Learn how a Southern California exotic fruit grower refinanced existing debt and increased immediate cash flow with an interest-only loan package. 

AgAmerica prioritizes long-term success over temporary solutions. That’s why we design our short-term, interest-only loans with a larger plan in mind.  

The Challenge 

After working on farms for most of his life and developing a passion for agriculture, a California farmer started his own specialty fruit operation in 1990. The unique operation grows exotic fruits ranging from guavas to tejocotes. Once the demand for these unique fruits grew, his operation began to expand into the vertically integrated farm it is today. To strengthen his operation’s financial footing, he was seeking a global refinance to consolidate debt obligations and a revolving line of credit for the ongoing working capital needs of the farm.  

The Solution 

After being referred to AgAmerica by a broker, the borrower worked with us to obtain a flexible two-part loan package. The first portion included a $3.25MM interest-only short-term loan. The second included a $2MM revolving line of credit. Through this flexible financing, the borrower was able to increase his operation’s cash flow over the short term while working closely with AgAmerica throughout the lifetime of the loan to develop a long-term financial plan.