Learn how these Montana landowners worked with AgAmerica to secure working capital. 

Expanding your existing operation or purchasing new land is an exciting opportunity. But without a dependable financial partner, it can be stressful navigating the upfront cost of a new operation. Learn how AgAmerica helped this couple secure the financing they needed to invest in their newly purchased property.  

The Challenge 

A Montana-based couple was already the proud owners of several acres of ranchland, but when they purchased new property in Montana, they knew they would need additional funds to cover the operating expenses as they worked to get the property up and running.  

The Solution 

The couple reached out to AgAmerica to find a solution. After discussing their business goals, AgAmerica created a custom $1MM interest-only revolving line of credit the couple could use for their operating expenses. The interest-only term ensured they would have low quarterly payments as they primed their new land for daily operations, with the option to convert to more conventional terms once it was more established.