Learn how this Florida farmer found a way to fight a high-interest-rate environment with a strategic refinance and $150K cash out.  

When you work with a lender committed to a thriving future for American agriculture, you gain a financial partner that is invested in the long-term success of your operation. AgAmerica understands that agriculture is a relational business over transactional, and firmly believes that the farmer’s financing should follow suit.  

The Challenge 

After finding AgAmerica in 2015, a Florida rancher had decided to refinance his existing ranch loan to secure a safety net of capital for the years ahead. The initial loan package included a variable rate that began to increase as interest rates began to rise. As his reset rate date fast approached, the farmer had the foresight to be proactive in navigating a higher rate and explore the options AgAmerica had to combat this challenge.  

The Solution 

As a relationship-centered company with a singular focus on agricultural finance, AgAmerica quickly understood the challenge this borrower faced and got right to work to find a solution for his predicament. We were able to customize a $1.26MM loan that shaved 160 acres of his pledged land collateral, lowered his variable reset rate by nearly two percent, and provided him with a nearly $150K cash out to cover closing costs and for future operating capital needs. Through this restructuring, the borrower was able to secure liquidity, save on interest payments, and create a more financially resilient operation moving forward.