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Florida Ranchers Increase Capital and Upgrade Operation with $2.5MM Refi

Southeast landowners use refi to lower payments and receive $175K immediate cash-out.

Raw land is like a blank canvas waiting for the right artist to pick up their brush and create a masterpiece. Landowners are these artists, turning untapped potential into a lucrative operation while conserving the natural resources it holds. AgAmerica serves as a tool these artists can use by providing a range of financing solutions that support their vision.

The Challenge

A couple in Florida’s heartlands sought a way to improve the loan structure of their existing debt. They had purchased their property several years ago and were constrained by a high-interest rate that limited their ability to make improvements at the pace they initially hoped to. The acreage included pasture, wooded, and cropland throughout and carried with it ample opportunity but with a need for initial liquidity to tap into it. They realized that the sooner they could refinance, the sooner they would be able to help it reach its full potential.

The Solution

AgAmerica hit the ground running to create a loan product that provided the borrowers with the immediate relief they were searching for. Our diligent and customizable process allowed us to lower their interest rate by more than three percentage points and stretch the terms of their loan – saving them an estimated $500K annually. In addition to this restructuring, the borrowers received $175K in immediate capital to expand their livestock herd and make operational improvements. From start to finish, the loan was closed and funded in less than eight weeks and equipped the borrowers with a financial foundation that supported their long-term goals for the operation.

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