Learn how a leading fruit and vegetable farmer secured a $4.1MM loan package with a $718K RLOC.

The family farm comes with a lot of benefits. Quality time spent with the ones you love doing what you love is likely at the top of that list. But with a family business comes additional pressure to keep the legacy alive. According to Family Business Review, just 12 percent of family businesses make it to the third generation. Learn how AgAmerica is helping farmers grow that statistic.  

The Challenge

Farming full-time since 1997, this farmer’s primary crops are cantaloupe and citrus, with a smaller portion of his operation dedicated to growing peppers and eggplant. The borrower and family desired to separate their operations and property for estate-planning purposes but didn’t know where to start. 

The Solution

AgAmerica paired a $3.38MM term loan with a $718K revolving line of credit to help this family easily transition 690 acres of farmland and citrus groves to the next generation.
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