AgAmerica’s interest-only loan consolidation helps a cattle rancher bridge the gap between ballooning debt payments and investment payouts.

As a second-generation large animal veterinarian and Colorado rancher, this AgAmerica borrower had dreams of creating a legacy for his family and giving back to the land that raised him. While working towards his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, our borrower and his wife began building a small cattle ranch, that would eventually grow into a large-scale agribusiness.

The Challenge:

Over the course of three decades, they scaled their modest cattle ranch into a 10,000-plus acre operation that produces a variety of row crops, livestock, and thoroughbred bloodlines. Their passion for the land and desire to improve water quality, also led them to make long-term investments in the conservation and energy sectors.

As the ranchers continued to grow their business portfolio, they began facing the challenge of balancing long-term investment payouts against ballooning debt structures. Eventually, their need for working capital was accelerated by a partnership entity with a heavy capital demand.

The Solution:

AgAmerica Lending helped the Colorado ranchers by creating a $19.1MM debt consolidation loan to help bridge the gap between their maturing loan structures and periodic returns from their investments.

Along with an interest-only loan consolidation, we were able to pay down carryovers on their existing lines of credit and increase the availability of working capital to help them fund future investments and operational expenses.