Read how this Idaho family returned to AgAmerica to purchase the perfect cattle ranch property. 

When the real estate market is at its most competitive, it’s important to have a lender who understands the unique and streamlined financing required to succeed. When borrowers find AgAmerica—that’s exactly what they get. 

The Challenge 

An Idaho couple worked with AgAmerica back in 2020 to purchase an agricultural real estate property through our accelerated land loan program. This time, they had their sights set on a beautiful Idaho ranch for recreational and livestock use. They hoped to use this cattle ranch to provide a recreational oasis for their family to explore with the opportunity to generate additional revenue outside of their off-farm income. They needed a financing solution that would provide the funds to seize this opportunity with minimal paperwork, and they knew exactly who could handle the job.  

The Solution 

Their previous experience working with AgAmerica made choosing a lender an easy choice when looking for an Idaho land loan. AgAmerica was able to support their ranch property purchase with a $4MM 10-year variable rate land loan—opening the door to additional revenue streams in the years to come and paving the way for invaluable memories on their new recreational ranch. By tapping into the equity of their land, they were able to lower their down payment and preserve working capital to invest in future expansion.