AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program helps a Midwest farmer improve his financial health fast.

Transparent communication and efficiency are among the two biggest factors a farmer needs when working with a lender. If your lender doesn’t value these two things–it might be time to look for a different solution.

The Challenge

A second-generation farmer ran his family corn and soybean operation within the Corn Belt. His dream was to pass the farm down to his son and he worked hard to ensure that when the time came, he would be passing him a strong and thriving multigenerational operation. Unfortunately, his current lender was not straightforward regarding his existing loan structures. The more convoluted and complicated his debt obligations became, the more he realized that his lender did not have his best long-term interests at heart.

The Solution

AgAmerica collected the borrower’s loan obligations and consolidated them under a single $1MM 30-year term loan product. The global refinance was completed within less than two weeks once the appraisal was approved through the AgAmerica Accelerate Loan Program. This expedited process helped the borrower quickly reduce annual payments and provided over $90K in immediate capital for operating expenses, such as seeds, fertilizer, labor, equipment repairs, and more.