Sugarcane farm increases cash flow through a custom debt consolidation package.

In uncertain times, having access to working capital is critical to the resiliency of a farm operation. When a farmer’s debt is spread too thinly across multiple notes or financial institutions their cash flow can begin to wane.

The Challenge

A sugarcane farmer in Louisiana was stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to his existing farm debt. He had several loan notes spread across multiple banks with high-interest rates. This impacted his working capital and created a rigid financial structure that neglected to allow the flexibility needed to meet both loan payments and operational expense obligations. Knowing the importance of a safety net in an unpredictable industry such as agriculture, he turned to AgAmerica to assist in securing a more resilient financial structure for his family business.

The Solution

Through AgAmerica’s unique Accelerated Loan Program, the Louisiana farmer was able to consolidate his existing farm debt into one manageable $1.1MM loan with stretched amortization, better interest rates, and minimal paperwork. Through this refinance, he lowered his payments drastically and secured the working capital needed to create a more solid financial structure moving forward.