A recreational and agricultural land investor consolidates $1.5MM in existing land mortgages and uses $550K RLOC for his operation.

The most successful agricultural property investors value efficiency and take advantage of low-interest rates as the economic market fluctuates. One property investor in Louisiana did just that, and with the help of AgAmerica, was able to consolidate existing loans while increasing working capital to fund future real-estate purchases and manage current property management costs.

The Challenge

An agriculture real-estate investor was looking to make additional land purchases by refinancing a collection of collateralized notes through equity in agricultural properties throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. He had over 1,200 acres of pasture, timber, and recreational land. He turned to AgAmerica to assist him through the process.

The Solution

AgAmerica not only refinanced his existing property mortgages with a $1.5MM 25-year term loan, but also provided a $550K revolving line of credit to fund harvesting and removal costs on existing properties. Our team was able to consolidate existing mortgages across various loan institutions into one, easily-manageable loan package and did so with no annual renewals or reporting requirements.