Midwestern farm operators improve the financial health of their family farm with AgAmerica’s custom land loan solution.

Family farms are the backbone of American civilization. Each one carries a legacy full of rich history, adversity, and achievement. But with each passing year, it becomes more challenging to keep this legacy alive. Time and time again, American farmers prove their resilience by fearlessly facing these challenges head-on in order to keep our nation sustained.

The Challenge

Several Minnesota row crop farmers were feeling the cumulative weight of recent weather events, volatile market pricing, and trade issues on their multigenerational family farm. The combination of these events led to a steady decrease in farm profitability over the years and limited the cash flow needed to keep their farm operational. They judiciously began researching alternative financing options, which led them to our team at AgAmerica.

The Solution

Understanding the gravity of the situation, AgAmerica worked closely with the family to assess their existing financial structure and formulate a solution. Despite the unforeseen events beyond their control, the farm maintained steady farm production rates, had excellent repayment history, and had already cut expenses to ease their financial obligation. AgAmerica was able to consolidate their existing farm debt into a $3.8MM debt facility with interest-only payments for 36 months. This equipped the borrowers with the time and payment relief needed to return to operational profitability, recapitalize while managing debt obligations, and keep their farm in the family for generations to come.