A Midwest landowner purchases New Mexico property with AgAmerica’s Accelerate Land Loan Program.

The agricultural and recreational land market in the U.S. is highly competitive right now due to its stability among the recent economic volatility. As a nationwide land lending expert, AgAmerica is constantly optimizing the loan approval process to ensure our clients get the financing they need when they need it.

The Challenge

A Midwest rural landowner was interested in purchasing a diverse 3,500-acre property in Northern New Mexico to create a guided hunting tour destination and harvest timber. The property contained both woodland and pastureland in an area where recreational land was scarce and hunting tags were difficult to acquire. Understanding the time-sensitive nature of this rare opportunity, the landowner’s financial advisor recommended AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program to get the job done.

The Solution

AgAmerica was able to expedite the loan approval process and provide a $2.5MM accelerated loan that financed the remaining portion needed to buy the property. The borrower was able to secure funds within one month once the land appraisal was received. The loan was structured as a 30-year fully amortized facility, which kept payments low and ensured the borrower would have the available capital to improve the profitability of the land in the years to come.