A North Carolina rancher improves his operational flexibility with a two-pack loan bundle.

This North Carolina borrower learned to farm alongside his dad. He’s worked the same land his entire life and knows the challenges of the cattle business well. He consistently monitors market conditions, futures, and improvements in genetics, while working to get the best out of his forage. Today he runs almost 150 Angus cattle on his 250 acres, and plants 40 acres of corn or beans annually, using it mostly for feed. Without an operating line in place however, this rancher relied primarily on high-interest rate credit cards to purchase feed, gas, and supplies.

The recent conversion of his father’s corn and tobacco farm to a predominantly cattle-focused operation encouraged this borrower to seek a total debt consolidation package from AgAmerica. He wanted to pay off business credit card and tractor debt, plus prepare for the purchase of additional acreage in the future.

By combining a 10-year interest-only line of credit with a term loan, AgAmerica was able to build a unique “2-pack” loan bundle with a lower interest rate and extended amortization period. The rancher can utilize this line of credit for any operational expense, dramatically improving his cash flow and financial flexibility.