Read how this landowner purchased a well-equipped Midwest property with the help of AgAmerica’s customizable finance solutions.

When managing multiple properties, farmers and ranchers can sometimes find themselves in a situation where their liquidity is tied up in their assets. Traditional financing can be difficult to obtain when this happens. However, AgAmerica offers landowners alternative solutions through a broad spectrum of loan products.

The Challenge

An Ohio farmer wanted to find a property where she could continue growing vegetables and raise a small herd of cattle. She found the perfect property to do just that, unfortunately, a large portion of her liquidity was tied up in other properties.  Luckily, she had a financial advisor who knew just the solution.

The Solution

AgAmerica was able to collateralize the property in the form of a 7-year $1.3MM fixed-rate loan to cover the remaining cost needed for the land purchase. Through this structure, she was able to buy her new farm with a competitive rate. Through this flexible structuring, the borrower was able to bridge the gap between land equity and liquidity to effectively finance her land purchase.