Multigenerational farmer uses global consolidation to increase working capital for his operation.

The Challenge

Having grown peaches for over a century, this farmer diversified his operation in 1995 by adding strawberries to the family farm. Today, he operates 1,100 acres of produce, including peaches, blackberries, strawberries, apples, pears, melons, squash, and broccoli. In addition to the crops he provides, he welcomes thousands of agri-tourism visitors to the farm each year to learn more about life on an American farm. He wanted to improve his operation and enhance the experience for visitors but needed the working capital to make it happen.
The Solution
This borrower sought a total consolidation of debt in order to refinance existing mortgages into a lower interest rate loan with greater payment flexibility. AgAmerica’s unique two-pack loan product saved the farmer 42 percent annually, or $320,000 per year in payments.