Learn why rural landowners in Georgia returned to AgAmerica when it was time to purchase more timber property.

AgAmerica understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to ag financing. Every farmer, rancher, and rural landowner has unique needs that require flexible solutions.

The Challenge

Two Georgia rural landowners had worked with AgAmerica three times before to diversify their operation with land for timber, row crops, pecans, and an equestrian facility. They developed a close relationship with AgAmerica’s Relationship Managers and knew who to turn to when they discovered a mature timber property with recreational potential. The property was perfect for mixed-use agriculture with the opportunity for additional revenue from leasing.

The Solution

By leveraging our deep understanding of the borrowers’ needs, AgAmerica’s team worked closely with them to build a $723,000 30-year term loan that collateralized other properties held by the borrower. By doing so, their down payment was reduced. As a result, the landowners were able to preserve working capital to invest in their operation.