Land ownership is often the backbone of a farm’s vitality. 

Farmers are eternal optimists. Even after a tough year, farmers still manage to look forward to the future. For many, their land is their greatest asset, empowering them with equity they can leverage to weather bad seasons or reinvest into their operation.  

Learn how AgAmerica helped put land back into the hands of farmers.  


A married couple in South Dakota needed capital to improve their alfalfa, corn, and hay operation. They entered a sale-leaseback agreement with a lender, meaning they sold their land to a financial institution with the stipulation that it would be leased back to the couple so they could continue to farm until they were ready to buy it back. When the time came for them to buy it, their lender referred them to AgAmerica. 


AgAmerica met with the couple to review their financial situation and learn more about their goals. After talking with them, we quickly created a $560K, three-year interest-only term loan priced on a three-month term SOFR with the option to refinance once rates drop. The couple was pleased with the quick transaction and glad to be landowners again.