Read how these lifelong friends solidified the future of their operation with a $9MM custom loan package.  

Growth takes courage, humility, and capital. Unfortunately, years of operational growth sometimes lead to multiple debt obligations through various lenders that make it nearly impossible to keep up with. However, with AgAmerica’s unique range of financing solutions, we’re innovating the way ag financing is done—giving our clients the financial freedom needed to succeed.  

The Challenge 

Two friends who had grown up together in the agricultural community as boys then chose to stay a part of it as primary operators of a turf grass production farm. Their farm grew over the years into a diversified sod, feed, and seed operation. The business partners had worked with numerous lenders during this time of growth and were interested in simplifying their existing debt in preparation for future expansion.  

The Solution 

The partners did their due diligence in finding the right lender, ultimately choosing AgAmerica for our customer service and competitive terms. The spectrum of loan products AgAmerica offers—ranging from conventional term loans to alternative interest-only products—enabled the borrowers to secure a customized solution that included $5MM to consolidate existing debt and a nearly $4MM RLOC for ongoing operational costs and land purchases in the coming years.