In a competitive land market, it’s important to have flexible financing locked in to seize opportunity when it strikes.  

Increased demand for stable investments to hedge economic volatility led to exponential growth in U.S. farmland values in 2021. If you’re interested in capitalizing on the stabilizing force of farmland equity, having flexible and fast capital ready is key. Read how a Texas landowner leveraged AgAmerica’s 10-year revolving line of credit program to prepare for her future. 

The Challenge 

A landowner in the heart of Texas managed more than 1,500 acres of rural land with the help of her children. She raised cattle on her property and leased out portions of it for recreational use. Interested in securing capital for operational expenses and potentially purchasing additional tracts of land in the future the rancher looked for financing that provided a flexible use of funds and wouldn’t penalize her if she ended up not using it.  

The Solution 

With the help of her trusted financial advisor, the borrower found AgAmerica’s 10-year revolving line of credit product. She was able to further customize it to meet the needs of her operation with a 30-year term and 20-year amortization. Through this loan, the borrower secured enough capital to make improvements to the land she currently owned while preparing for future purchases down the road.