Texas family uses AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program to improve the financial health of their cattle operation.

Family farms are the foundation of American agriculture. Generation after generation, these farms and ranches persevere through challenges thrown their way to continue their legacy of feeding a nation. Understanding that many of the challenges they face are outside of their control, AgAmerica is committed to providing adaptable financing structured to help farmers and their successors thrive.

The Challenge

A family cattle ranch in the Southern Plains found themselves in a tight financial situation when air right zoning restrictions suddenly disrupted their plan to incorporate alternative energy production systems into their operation as an additional source of income. They had counted on this revenue to pay down existing debt obligations incurred from a local commercial bank. The bank was limited to 10-year terms, creating high payments and limiting their working capital. Understanding the financial limitations as a traditional lending institution, the bank recommended AgAmerica to the family to help lighten their financial load.

The Solution

With an excellent credit history and strong balance sheet, the borrower qualified for AgAmerica’s accelerated land loan. This streamlined the loan process and minimized required paperwork needed to consolidate debt. The loan was stretched to a 30-year term and reduced quarterly payments significantly from their former 10-year structure. Through this restructure, the borrower instantly increased operational liquidity and improved their financial foundation for when the time came for their children to fill their shoes.