An investment manager turned rancher uses AgAmerica’s 10-year revolving line of credit to enhance his family property.

More people are trading in the hustle and bustle of urban living for pasturelands and wide open spaces. AgAmerica is helping new and experienced ranchers alike turn this dream into a reality with flexible financial solutions that aren’t weighed down by unnecessary regulations and red tape.

The Challenge

An aspiring rancher purchased a Texas property in 2017 as a side investment to live and work on with his family outside of his career in the financial sector. As an investment manager, he understood the opportunity in agricultural land ownership and the stable returns this asset offers. To build his operation to the hay and wildlife management ranch he hoped it would one day be, he needed flexible upfront capital that gave him the freedom to invest in his property as he best saw fit.

The Solution

AgAmerica was glad to bring his goals to fruition with our 10-year revolving line of credit loan program. The loan was stretched to a 30-year term with 20-year amortization to ensure the borrower would have the freedom to access the capital he needed without the hassle of mandatory pay-downs or annual paperwork. Through this flexible loan structure, the borrower was able to invest in his land sooner and create the ranching lifestyle he desired for himself and his family.