Read how a couple in the Southern Plains leveraged land equity to secure an interest-only line of credit.

The flexibility in AgAmerica’s spectrum of loan products allows borrowers to pick and choose a customized solution that works for their specific needs. From conventional to short-term, interest-only loans, our wide range of options is part of what makes AgAmerica a leading land lender in the nation.

The Challenge

A Texas couple owned and managed a cow-calf operation on their 170-acre homestead. They were interested in upgrading their family ranch and turned to their financial advisor for recommendations.

The Solution

AgAmerica’s revolving line of credit with no pre-payment penalties came highly recommended. The borrowers were able to use the RLOC to refinance their existing ag mortgage and leverage additional equity in their land. This provided them with $2.3MM in flexible working capital with interest-only payments for the next five years to use as needed to help them further enhance their operation.