West Coast farmer uses AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan to improve the financial health of her operation.

Short-term loans serve several important purposes, including helping aspiring farmers break into the industry or providing capital to farmers recovering from difficult crop years. Although valuable in certain circumstances, these loans offer a temporary solution that can limit future growth if there isn’t an exit strategy in place. Recognizing this roadblock within alternative finance, AgAmerica created a long-term solution that allows financing to adapt alongside the farmer and their evolving operation.

The Challenge

On a beautiful property along the Columbia River in Washington state, a West Coast farmer worked hard over the years to build her farm operation from the ground up. Prior to finding AgAmerica, she had taken on a high-rate loan to finance her business endeavors and was facing ballooning debt that stood in the way of her building upon her legacy. As a proactive businesswoman who embodied the optimistic spirit of the American Farmer, she explored the options AgAmerica had to offer to ensure a thriving future for the farm she worked hard to maintain.

The Solution

Witnessing firsthand the success and potential of the orchard operation, AgAmerica’s Relationship Manager worked with the borrower to assess its financial state and see where there was opportunity for improvement. With a good credit score and payment history, the borrower was the ideal candidate for AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program which streamlined the process with minimal required paperwork. Through this program, the borrower was able to refinance her existing short-term bridge loan and transition it to a conventional loan before payments were due on her existing high-interest debt. The new terms of her loan included extended amortization and a reduction in both her rate and monthly payments.